“Who are you and what's your story?”

At least that’s the question I ask every time I check out someone’s website.

So, who am I and what's my story?

I'm a 22 years old software developer by trade and storyteller at heart, who believes in ideas that could change the status quo.

But how my journey started?

When I was a was like 8 years a loved to build Legos. I used to spend all day trying to build the most creative lego that I could and using these Lego's figures to fight because I think I love competition. In this period of my life is when I began to be creative and learn how to build stuff. 

After that my dad gave me my first computer, this moment was so important to me because I was very curious to figure this thing out. I was fascinated with the software so I realized that I wanted to build a computer virus. 

So I wanted to learn how to program.

This is when I started to teach myself how to code, that was very hard for me at the beginning as a kid I didn't understand English. But I started to understand the concepts.

I told my parents that I wanted to become a professional coder, so I told them that I needed to change to another new school.

I knew that I needed to follow my heart.

When I finish school my gut was telling me that I wanted build my own software company. So in my spare time, I spent my time trying to solve my owns problems so I started "Silverbars" an app that could help me with my workouts.

My friends and I started to build our first app and test the product with the people but we didn't get any traction so I didn't what I was doing wrong.

One of my co-founders left the team, but I still believe in the idea but my execution was wrong. I was all day just writing code but that is not enough to build something successful.

We closed the project after 2 years. I know I failed.

But this was the beginning for me to take everything I learned I could start again and be back to the game. 

After 2 years working a couple of startups, I felt empty of not working in the things I care about. So I started again hacking some ideas and side-projects that I could turn into a business.

So I started to recruit great people for my next crusade.

I found a very interesting partner who I believe have the right combination of values and talent.

Today, I'm currently working on Open Closet a marketplace of girl's closet in Panama and Latam.

I really like startups. If you have one and you think I can help, drop me a line.