My name is Isaac Almanza, I’m 21 year a self-taught software-developer, junior product designer and maker born in Panama.

My journey started at age 8 when my parents give my first computer, I started to very curious about hacking than in my free time I used to hack my neighbors’ WiFi that was so much fun. I fell in love with the technology and I started to explore then I discovered that I wanted to learn how to build my malware, so I started teaching myself how to program, then I started to be very active on the web, observing beautiful websites I caught the attention of how to build them, so I discover the word “design”. I start to research was about, how to make beautiful stuff that let me to discover the amazing work of a designer called Tobias van Schneider. From there I knew I wanted to learn the design so I started going deeper, reading books and looking but I felt it was not enough that I needed to get experience and build things that matter. I started working and saved money to travel to the Kikk conference in Belgium, listening to all the best designers and entrepreneurs gave me the courage to pursue my vision.

Then I returned to Panama to make my own products, without knowing anything, I started to create Silverbars a small project that looked for a problem that I found at the time of training, I got to create the app and launch it to the market I realized that there was no demand and he tells me that the solution was not the best. That’s why I wanted to learn from those who had created digital products or worked on successful products and had the opportunity to learn from Xander Pollock a designer who had sold his startup to Google and worked in the team Gmail. From there I learned a about make products, understand people’s problems and come up with solutions. Most of time I try to build products around my own problems.

Currently I’m working on new digital products, also documenting my journey on my @ialmanzaj, and here I’ll publish my process of building products and ideas. I also enjoy reading a lot and I’m very passionate about about philosophy, psychology, business, programming, design and marketing.

To say hi👋 , talk about ideas or work on projects: