On this page you’ll find an overview of all the resources I use in my daily life as an entrepreneur. I’ve added every single thing that someone has asked about in the past.

If you’re missing anything on this page, and want to know about the gear/apps I use, let me know.

  1. Reading

Pocket — My go-to app for storing articles that I find interesting or need for research.

  1. Time Tracking

RescueTime — The easiest way to track your activities. You’ll be surprised how much time you’re wasting on useless activities. Measure it with RescueTime, become aware of the time-wasting activities, and then get rid of them.

  1. Writing
    Grammarly — I use this tool probably the most out of all the resources on this page. If you’re writing anything that’s more than an email, use this app.

  1. Journaling
    Pens – It might sound unimportant, but pens are probably the most important thing in note-taking. And I’ve tested a lot of pens. I like gel pens best. And this uni-ball gel pen is the best pen I’ve used—I don’t use any other pen these days. Make sure you get the 0.7mm line size (it’s the one from the link).

  1. Organizing/Planning
    Calendar – My standard iOS calendar app is my favorite productivity tool. It’s simple: What gets scheduled, gets done.

  1. Design Tools
    Sketch by Bohemian: I use this tool to design anything ui, logo, editing very easy and flexible to use.