Here you’ll find an overview of some my favorites products I use in my daily journey as an maker.

  1. Reading

Pocket — My go-to app for storing articles that I find interesting or need for research.

  1. Time Tracking

RescueTime — The easiest way to track your activities. You’ll be surprised how much time you’re wasting on useless activities. Measure it with RescueTime, become aware of the time-wasting activities, and then get rid of them.

  1. Writing
    Grammarly — I use this tool probably the most out of all the resources on this page. If you’re writing anything that’s more than an email, use this app.

  1. Journaling
    The Daily Stoic Journal – This my format of journaling, I started with this because i wanted to learn about stoicism and also learn to keep my self-accountable and also learn to write and put my thoughts out. It start with a question everyday that have lead me to think deeper about how I am handling my life.

  1. Goals Tracker
    Airtable - I started to use this app because you can build your own format of writing your goals. I started to use OKRS goals format because Google use this and they become more efective. I made my own mix of formats ORKS with Stoic Negative Visualization because I belive that ambitious goals + knowing what could go wrong would me be more effective to actually make those goals come true.