Mar 13, 2018 - 2 min read

Things I would do differently when starting a new business.

When we want to build a new product. I as a software developer love to build and don’t put enough time to actually understand what’s the user’s problem that we trying to solve and why.

The best companies in the world have been made by people that were trying solve their own problems but that doesn’t mean that you should build it.

It doesn’t worth put so much energy, time and money trying to build something that nobody wants.

1. Bring the right people

Having the right team is the most important part of the process.


Entrepreneurship is hard.

Entrepreneurship is really lonely.

For complementary skills.

Having with someone who trust on a join your mission to improve the world.

2. Validate your assumptions as fast and cheap as possible

Before you ever write a single line of code, test your ideas cheaply with prototyping tools like invision, framer, etc.

Launching teach you to learn from the market and to keep iterating to figure out what your users wants.

3. Focus

Is always hard because you get distracted by everything and really hard to find the most important thing and become the best at it.

4. Set constraints

Is always easy to put arbitrary dates because perfection is telling you that is not enough but the goal is to test the usefulness of the client is necessary to fail fast as possible you can win in the long term.