The main thing that I value of the journey is to enjoy the process. It all started when I was a kid, when I was curious to know about technology and to solve problems. But at first, it was not clear about the importance of this...

Before I saw, accepted and believed reality as they told me. I was not trying to prove if what they told me was true; I just assumed. I also judged myself a lot for my mistakes but, it was really a reflection of the expectations of others and I didn't have a strong conviction in what I was doing. Which led me to depression.

But during these last years, I have recognized the importance of the journey as a learning path. To laugh at my mistakes. Seeking to achieve great ambitions. Take new risks, fail and try again.

Today I realize that as an entrepreneur I can have a huge impact on my community by being an example. And what I want to see in my community is that people can believe in themselves. That they follow their guts, that they question reality, that they pursue their greatest ambitions and are not afraid to be judged.