Memories of the product design pro course

Product design pro was a course to learn how to become a digital product designer and what are the fundamentals to build products that people love. The course was online with 4 other people and it was really practical. When I started to learn UX design I was only with books but I realize I needed to go more practical and deep about to build successful products so I started to research and I discovered Xander by twitter and I get to know him because I was building my products but I didn’t know to turn ideas into successful products that would bring real value to the people.

The term product design is a brand-new field in the tech industry and this role takes care of the people’s problems and business metrics. Learning from how to make an interview with real people to understand their needs and problems. I used to start with the solution rather than understanding the people’s real problems and challenges and check if that problem worth solving. Also, help us empathize with our audience and don’t spend time-solving a problem that nobody cares.

The second thing I learned is that we should go deep understanding people needs and problems and after really understand what they mean we can think about solutions and go very broad to explore from different perspectives. After that, we should storyboard about the solution that we made and how that solution fit that problem, in this step we should go narrowing the solutions and choosing that best fit to the problem.

Then now we can start designing the actual thing, making the screens and all to build the prototype the most realistic way posible that we’re going to test. The last thing is to test the prototype with real users and observe their reactions and if that solution brings value to the users.

Learning from Xander have been amazing he is so humble and was really patient with me because I was very new in this field and I was with more experimented designers but It has been a really awesome experience to learn this I was so eager to learn that from a long time and it has been a pleasure.