Memories of the Kikk festival

The Kikk Festival 2015 is a conference that bridges between art, science, and technology based in Namur, Belgium.

This was one of my best experience to know how I wanted to become and why. Back then I had 18 years fresh out of school a young developer that love building things and not knowing what career wanted to pursue. I hated every college and didn’t find it meaningful, but in my heart, I felt that fire to build really cool stuff and to be an entrepreneur.

Before going to the festival that was my first time traveling on a little tour in Europe, I did stop first in Amsterdam and then I arrive in Paris and I feel so excited about the French’s culture, the city feel amazing, design of city is so different from my country, is like old architecture and culture but cozy. I thought I was living the dream as it is one of my favorite cities, but the dream was fading very fast as I only stayed 3 days, and after that, I was moving to train country by country so I felt somewhat magical.

In the conference day, I was waiting for my favorite designer. I’ve been following him for about 2 years, he is Tobias van Schneider is a really awesome designer and his presentation was about “Side projects are stupid”. I already knew about his presentation, but I haven’t been there in person to listen to him. What impressed me most about him are all the struggles he faced to achieve what he wanted.

And in his presentation, he tries to encourage people that life is about action, we always come up with excuses that don’t do something about it. Instead of complaining, he started, failure after failure. What I’ve learned by listening and seeing the people I admire is that none of them had any special talent just started putting the work.

One of my favorites quotes of Steve Jobs is “Everything around that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you”, that quote mean a lot for me because I realized that I can change everything, I can improve it, I can make new stuff, every successful thing is just an opinion and that gives me the power to make my own stuff, to inspire people and change the world in some way.

In this next videos is about more about strategy and product design of some of the best designers in the world.

Anton and Irene are a duo of designers based in The Brooklyn, they share some of their lessons and some of their design process to build digital products.